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Street Ministry

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Our street ministry continues

Hearts for Ghana Mission continue to reach out to unreachable, untouchable and unlovable homeless children in the streets of Ghana. These children are devastated by poverty, disease, and neglect. They live, sleep and die in the streets. They are hungry for food, shelter and the Gospel of Christ.

We are reaching these street children through

  • Evangelism and Discipleship

  • Education and Skill building

  • Housing and Feeding program

Evangelism and discipleship

Our evangelism and discipleship ministry works to make Christ known among these unreachable children. We are making a great impact on the streets as so many of these children have committed their lives to Christ and begun to live a Christian life. They are even encouraging others to live godly lives also.

We continue to do evangelism and discipleship among the street children around the markets. We are also working to expand our evangelism and discipleship program to other areas in and around Accra.

Education and Skill building

The needs of Street Children are unique in the sense that some of the children have never had any formal schooling while others have dropped out of school at different levels. The dynamics of the Street Child are complex, especially with regard to the provision of formal education.

The aim of the HFGM is to reintegrate the children into the public school system and into the society at large and thereby de-stigmatize them. We are using a progressive non-formal education project (similar to home schooling) designed for children who are far behind in their education. 

This education project uses innovative training tools focusing on techniques of working with children of varying capacities and levels of learning. The program monitors and evaluates each child as they learn through play and structured lessons.

Housing and feeding program

As you know, we have now opened our Transitional Home and taken some of the children from the street to the Home, a place where these children have now begun to live in safe and secure environment and where the fabric of their education include Gospel and discipleship.

Health Care and Insurance

Many street children have health issues that go untreated. Accidents and emergencies often lead to disabilities and even death in some cases.

- For 15, each child is registered with the national health care program.

- Children who are admitted into the Akosombo home undergo a complete medical check to determine the child's health condition.

- HFGM also has visiting medical personnel who come to the home to ensure the continued health care of the children 

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