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Hearts for Ghana Mission

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Hearts for Ghana Mission is a registered Nonprofit (501c3) in the USA and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Ghana, with a vision to transform the lives of disadvantaged children by imbibing in them teachings of the word of God as well as equipping them with economic empowerment tools

Hearts for Ghana Mission has been reaching out and ministering to homeless children in the streets of Ghana for the past eight years. These children are devastated by poverty, disease, and neglect. They live sleep and die in the streets. They are hungry for food, shelter and the Gospel of Christ.

The Problem: Thousands of children are born, raised and live out their lives on the streets. From birth, all that these children know is hard labor, empty stomachs, ignorance and abuse. They are trapped by their circumstances and are considered unreachable, untouchable and unlovable.

The goal of Hearts for Ghana Mission is to reach these unreachable; touch these untouchable; and love these unlovable in the name of Jesus Christ.


Della & Pearl Quashie, are long-time residents of The Colony, TX. Della & Pearl have 3 grown children. Della is the founder and the President of Hearts of Ghana Mission. Della is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL, with a degree in Mass Communication and Education and MA from Moody Graduate School. For the past 11 years Della has been involved in mission work among homeless and street children. Presently, he is working among orphans and street children in Ghana. 

For four years, Della worked in Cabaret, Haiti, among the homeless people there. God brought salvation and great significant change to these people. God enabled him to secure clean water, reliable shelter, nourishing food, medical care and hope for a future to people who had come there to die. But in 2009, while visiting his homeland, Ghana, God burdened him to return to his homeland, and work among his own people as a missionary. 

In 2010, Della returned to Ghana with two 40 foot containers filled with goods for orphanages and street children. Today he is working tirelessly to secure this same hope for a future for the forgotten street children of Ghana.

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